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Plus, why he thinks the world could use some good old-fashion revolutions.
Dominic West laughs easily, smiles warmly. His character in Masterpiece PBS's Les Misérables, the long-suffering ex-convict Jean Valjean, does not.If anything, Valjean is West's idol, rather than his counterpart—and so is Victor Hugo, the author behind the original 1862 novel, which West declares is "the best ...
Abigail Disney uncovers women's efforts to achieve peace.
If you liked Hidden Figures, the untold story of female mathematicians who worked at NASA during the early years of the space race, you'll want to tune into a new documentary series about women's contributions to peace efforts around the world.From executive producer ...
"We thought this is perfectly normal, everyone must do it."
It seems Prince Charles's passion for the environment has rubbed off on his two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.In the new documentary Prince Charles at 70, which aired late last year in the U.K. but only just premiered in the U.S. this weekend, ...
Here's your first look at the new documentary, which airs this weekend on PBS.
Lately, we hear a lot about Meghan and Kate, while it seems other members of the Royal Family are seemingly out of sight. Join us Sunday for a revealing portrait of Prince Charles. We'll explore his life as the longest-serving heir to ...
The documentary by PJ Raval centers around the 2014 murder trial of Jennifer Laude.
Update: Call Her Ganda will be among the 16 feature films to air on PBS for the 32nd season of POV, which is known to showcase work by contemporary filmmakers. The documentary sheds light on the murder trial of Jennifer Laude, a Filipino transgender ...
Petronella Oortman was a real person in 17th-century Amsterdam.
In the first episode of The Miniaturist, a miniseries based on Jessie Burton's novel of the same name, 17th-century Dutch merchant Johannes Brandt gives his new bride Petronella Oortman an exact replica of her new home as a wedding gift. From there, the ...
Here's what you should know about the broadcaster.
PBS has found a replacement for Charlie Rose, at least for the moment.Broadcaster Christiane Amanpour's nightly global-affairs show, which originates on CNN, will air on PBS under the new title of "Amanpour on PBS." The network cut ties with Rose last month after ...