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Prosecutors are recommending four months in prison. Here's how Huffman and her family got to this point.
Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy's names are usually in the news for an acclaimed film role—or even an endearing red carpet pose. Lately, however, that hasn't been the case.News broke in mid-March that Huffman was charged in the Justice Department's investigation into ...
A dozen of the people charged in the massive nationwide fraud are set to appear in court today, but what about the students who benefited from the bribes and fake test scores?
Today, when the first round of defendants accused of participating a nationwide college admissions scam appears in court, among their ranks will be six athletic coaches, two entrance-exam test administrators, and two people who worked with William "Rick" Singer, the alleged mastermind of ...
The fallout for those involved in "Operation Varsity Blues" continues.
After news of the college admissions scandal broke on Tuesday morning, organizations were quick to distance themselves from those charged. Here's what we know about the ongoing fallout from the indictments.Former Full House star Lori Loughlin was among those charged in the investigation. Today, the Hallmark channel, ...