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Once upon a time when couture was standard, these fashion masters were the ones trusted by Manila's elite.
Back in the day, the elegant and fashionable society women of Manila changed clothes four to six times a day. They, of course, trusted a number of fashion designers to make them look their most impeccable. Here, the Philippine fashion masters trusted ...
Though the elite lived in luxury, the poor lived outside the walls.
The walled city of Intramuros, Latin for “within the walls,” was the precursor of modern-day Manila. During its heyday, the city was the center of life: business, politics, religion, education, and everything in between.Intramuros’ residents were mostly made up of Spanish officials ...
While some social clubs were not spared by the war, others were remodeled and managed to still stand strong today.
Before World War II, the inhabitants of Old Manila took extended time-outs at now historical recreational spots. High society indulged in leisurely activities such as balls, regattas, and polo matches.Manila Polo ClubAptly dubbed the “sport of kings” for its rich history dating ...
These renovated landmarks are proof that historic sites are worth saving.
Many of Manila’s heritage structures have sadly been demolished to give way to modern use. In September 2014 alone, two historic landmarks—the Art Deco Michel Apartments and the Admiral Hotel— both met the wrecking ball. While the future of Manila’s few heritage ...
Have a look at the stately mansions from Manila’s bygone era of opulence.
Towering condominiums may be popular as of late, but nothing quite compares to the grandeur of Manila’s historic houses.These mansions were a common sight in pre-war Manila, and were the chosen residences of the city’s landed families (most were part of Manila’s ...
For many daughters of de buena familias, the Carnival Queen title was a passport to further one's fame, fortune, and social prominence.
“Oh, meet me at the Carnival…”Oh meet me at ManilaBeside the dreamy bayMeet me at the CarnivalManila, U.S.A.For there you’ll find the coconutThe mango and bambooAnd there upon the MaleconI’ll wait and watch for you—from an old Manila postcardPerhaps, no other event ...