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It's Savage's first anniversary.
At this point, we know that only good things come out of the collaborations between top chefs, so when Savage, Manila's modern open-fire restaurant, announced its first anniversary with a charitable six-hands dinner, we knew something wonderful and delicious was imminent.Savage's one-night-only ...
Nicco Santos of Hey Handsome helps elevate Fit Food Manila’s menu in the first edition of its culinary masters series.
With more people wanting to lose weight and eat healthier, there has been a spike in diet delivery providers in Manila. But not all diet delivery programs are created equal.Fit Food Manila has already overcome one of the dieter’s biggest woes: No more ...
Veterans and emerging chefs put forth their versions of four dishes.
As professions go, being a chef has never been a kind one. Examine a working chef’s hands, and they will be covered with scars from knife wounds, burns from the spatter of hot oil, roughened by constant exposure to acidity and the ...