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Donations are pouring in from around the world to help with the reconstruction of the iconic French monument.
Even before the fire was fully extinguished at Notre-Dame Cathedral last night, French President Emmanuel Macron promised that the country would would rebuild the iconic monument. "We'll rebuild this cathedral together," Macron said. “Because that is what the French expect.”The reconstruction process will be ...
The tragic blaze could take decades of repairs and billions of dollars to recover from.
The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris is easily one of the most iconic landmarks in a city that's already filled with famous sights. Both a religious hub and a historical and architectural attraction, the 12th-century cathedral is visited by some 13 ...
Many of the cathedral's treasures survived—but sadly, not all.
There was a moment yesterday when authorities worried that almost all of Notre-Dame Cathedral would be lost. Thankfully, some 500 firefighters—and even one priest—worked to prevent that worst-case scenario, and much of the structure remains standing. Many of the cathedral's irreplaceable artworks and relics were ...
This isn't the first time the iconic structure has had a facelift.
In a television address on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron set a sooner-than-expected deadline for the completion of Notre-Dame Cathedral's restoration."We will rebuild the cathedral and make it even more beautiful," he said, per the Wall Street Journal. "I want this to be achieved ...
The monument was saved from total destruction, but it still took a beating.
Yesterday, the whole world watched as Notre-Dame Cathedral went up in flames. For a moment, it seemed that the whole structure might be razed—but emergency workers were able to extinguish the fire before it took the whole building. Now, French authorities will have to ...
The fearless journalist tells us how women can learn to speak up.
On the morning CNN International correspondent Paula Hancocks landed in Manila, the world had its eyes on the Korean peninsula. It was March 22, 2019, and news watchers focused their attention on North Korea withdrawing its stationed staff members from the joint ...
Be a responsible online citizen.
No one seems to be able to escape from fake news these days. Even those who don't consider themselves gullible have found themselves appalled by a disturbing video, only to find out later on that it’s been altered. And who hasn’t fallen ...
If being fashionable is a crime, then lock her up.
Anna Sorokin—better known as her alter ego, Anna Delvey—captured the internet's attention last year, encircling the faux heiress in a mix of fascination, hate, and begrudging admiration. For years, Sorokin allegedly conned herself into New York City's elite social circles, swindling the ...
Huffman has been charged in the landmark "Operation Varsity Blues" investigation.
Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy's names are usually in the news for an acclaimed film role—or even an endearing red carpet pose. This week, however, that isn't the case.News broke on Tuesday morning that Huffman was charged in the Justice Department's investigation ...
Here's everything you need to know about the ongoing investigation and who else is involved.
An FBI investigation has uncovered a massive college cheating scheme that involved students cheating on entrance exams and falsely admitting students on athletic scholarships. The operation, named "Operation Varsity Blues," was unveiled on Tuesday as federal prosecutors made a criminal complaint against ...
No more seasonal collections from this label.
Just three months after the departure of creative director Raf Simons, global designer label Calvin Klein is closing its luxury collection business entirely, according to reports from The Business of Fashion and WWD. Instead of rebranding the high-end line 205W39NYC as originally reported in January, PVH (the American clothing company that ...
The French entrepreneur died at the age of 77 in a car accident.
Philippe Charriol, founder of Swiss luxury watch and jewelry brand Charriol, passed away after a car accident in Le Castellet, Var on February 27.“During a car-racing session that was taking place on the Circuit Paul Ricard... French driver Philippe Charriol was the ...