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With four floors of 12 galleries, the museum presents a plethora of fascinating specimens from replicas of animals to rainforest dioramas.
The National Museum of Natural History celebrated its first anniversary on May 17, 2019. To commemorate this special event, we decided to re-visit the museum and get a second look at its must-see exhibits.Designed in neo-classical style in 1940 by the architect ...
Here's a quick tour!
A little less than a week since it formally opened to the public on May 18, and already more than 20,000 visitors have walked through the elegant wooden portals of the National Museum of Natural History. The line to enter moves briskly ...
You'll soon be able to see the game-changing fossils and stone tools for yourself.
Last week, Filipinos were thrilled to learn of evidence that humans lived in the Philippines as early as 709,000 years ago. This was proven through the discovery of a rhinoceros skeleton, along with prehistoric stone tools in the municipality of Rizal, Kalinga. ...
The six-floor museum is expected to house a vast array of Southeast Asian specimens.
The Philippine seas have long been bandied as the world's center of marine biodiversity, even the "center of the center" in some accounts. On land, we have an equally rich variety of endemic flora and fauna, with some of the rarest species ...
There's lots to look forward to!
2016 was pretty big for the local creative scene. We saw the rise of new theaters such as the breathtaking BGC Arts Center and the restoration of an old one, the Manila Metropolitan Theater (a.k.a. Grand Dame of Manila). But it seems ...