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Your credit card can probably do a lot more than what you initially thought.
Every time you are offered or you apply for a credit card, have you ever taken a second to think whether you’re getting Visa or Mastercard? Moreover, do you even know exactly what they are, as well as how they work? If ...
An award-winning author creates stories on modern princesses who don't need princes while teaching little girls how to invest, establish businesses, and negotiate all by themselves.
At the heart of every children’s book or every fairy tale lies a lesson awaiting its young readers. Imagine if those stories armed children with practical life skills—lessons that they can take with them as they grow older.HSBC Philippines is engaging its ...
If you’re ready to try and join this century, here are some of the leading cashless, digital and online payment platforms waiting for you.
Still paying in cash? Perhaps it's time to join leading economies in the 21st century. Leave your wallet at home and just take your mobile phone with you. With the right apps, you can buy nearly everything, anywhere. In Shenzhen, China, if ...
Some of your most frequently asked questions about using your credit card abroad.
The first time I was asked if I wanted to pay my credit card purchase in peso or in Japanese Yen, the local currency of the country I was visiting then, I admit I did not know how to respond. That was ...
'Tis the season to give, after all.
Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, charities around the world work doubly hard to put their best foot forward. Fundraising campaigns designed to tug at the heartstrings are launched as they make their presence felt to their donors and reach out to the public ...
This is what your partner should know about your personal finances.
In the wildly successful Crazy Rich Asians, the movie adaptation of Kevin Kwan's best-selling book with the same name, we meet socialite Astrid Leong. She spends millions shopping in one afternoon and is the picture of a confident woman who knows her ...
Whether it's for security, convenience, or additional perks, these transactions are better done with a swipe.
The Philippines is far from being a cashless country, but when it comes to certain transactions, the pluses of swiping a credit card outweigh those of paying with cash. Used wisely, the shiny piece of plastic can offer its owners more bang ...
Fortunes soothe away most worries, but money is a needy creature and requires coddling and smart thinking.
Dear Truly Rich Lady, Do you ever worry about money? I just want to know if you think about making ends meet just like the rest of us. (I bet my last 500 pesos you don’t!) I always think that I am one ...