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Including the history of the country's famous "Gross National Happiness."
For many, the small mountainous country of Bhutan remains a strange mystery. As if the country was encapsulated in a bubble, it was only in 1999 that the government allowed its people access to the Internet and television. For the most part ...
The line of succession has become more confusing lately.
Today, monarchies are trying to cut down their number of full-time royals, but it’s a different story in the Middle East.Since the establishment of the modern kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the House of Saud began a tradition that passed on the title ...
Prince Harry's future wife is putting her own spin on royalty.
As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's May wedding date draws near, it's clear that Markle is embracing royal life on her own terms. From her whirlwind romance with Prince Harry to the unique flair she has already added to her royal appearances, Markle is a breath ...
It was an instant hit with the public, but the royal family hated it.
Imagine having access to a program much like Big Brother, but with the British royal family as the television show’s guinea pigs. Very few staunch royalists know of the existence of such a program—a documentary that aired only once in 1969. Royal Family ...
Who were “Murgatroyd” and “Winterbottom"?
Queen Elizabeth and the British monarchy faced a number of hurdles in the late '50s. She had only been on the throne for less than a decade when the U.K. found itself in the throes of an economic crisis. The country was ...
Royal families continue to thrive and this may not be such a bad thing.
In this digital age when technology reigns supreme, and the majority of the world’s nations call for democracy, does a concept as archaic as a monarchy—even a constitutional monarchy at that—remain relevant to the times?The idea that a single bloodline can hold so ...
We address those false news articles that have been circulating the internet.
Yesterday, social media was abuzz with news of Queen Elizabeth naming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge the next King and Queen of the United Kingdom. The story by Life & Style was picked by other news sources such as Yahoo! and ...
Also, she doesn't need a passport.
The Daily Mash satire “Legally I can kill [Donald Trump], Queen confirms” has gone viral. The quote is a hoax, but the theory is based on one of the Queen’s amazing powers: immunity from prosecution. She cannot be arrested and brought into ...