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Introducing our list of this year's Bright Young Things, who are defining their generation’s trajectory.
Community, connectivity, and collaboration.These are the words that we have heard over and over again from this year’s DownTown&Country set. A group of knowledgeable elite, these four meritocrats are chic and cool, politically informed and socially inclusive. They don’t just walk the ...
It boils down to social and cultural reasons.
The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (ICCPI) just held the Real Estate and Investment Conference 2018, a one-day event where experts from the private and public sectors talked about the various investment opportunities in the local real estate industry, on ...
These would never fly today.
The hardest job in the world has changed a lot over the past 50 years. Case in point: these quotes from Millennial and Gen-X parents, recalling things they heard as kids that they wouldn't dare say to their children now."My mom used ...
Taking into account factors such as access to coffee shops, here's a new ranking of the top places to live for the millennial generation.
Niche, a company that analyzes data on neighborhoods and educational institutions around the country, recently released its rating of the top cities for millennials. The list takes a few factors into account—like the number of millennial residents, access to bars, restaurants, and (no ...
A new study by CatchOn shows millennials are interested in Instagram-ready plating and ingredients’ provenance, among others.
The future of food is in the hands of the smartphone-obsessed, vocal, and intelligent millennials. The scrutinized generation is rapidly altering the food industry—from its health-conscious eating habits to its developed taste for obscure international snacks.In the fourth edition of Future of ...
Young members of Gen Z take less risks than their millennial counterparts.
The media’s fixation with millennials and their baffling behavior—from their fondness for avocado toast to their delicate, ‘snowflake-like’ demeanor over social issues—has left out significant conversation about the next group of members of society, Generation Z or Gen Z, for short. Also ...
The owner of Ronnie & Joe started a clothing line at 16, put up his own company at 21, and hasn't looked back since. Still, he isn't resting on his laurels.
Finding yourself in possession of youth, privilege, and good looks often goes two ways. Rely on these too much, and you have yourself a recipe for failure; use them wisely, and you could become immensely successful. Michael Concepcion, the young entrepreneur behind ...
A breakdown of characteristics according to pop culture, disapproving elders, and sociology.
MILLENNIALSYear of birth: 1982 to 2004Where the name came from: If not for Neil Howe’s 1991 book Generations, millennials would have had to make do with the label Generation Y, a rather uncreative label patterned after its predecessors.What they say: Millennials have ...
An extraordinary crop of young movers whose commitment to the cause of others sets them apart from the rest of their peers.
ALEX EDUQUEAt 23, she was the first Filipino to be recognized by Resource Alliance's Global Awards for Fundraising in Amsterdam, where Alex was named the world's Most Outstanding Volunteer for her involvement with Habitat for Humanity (HFH). Since turning 15, Alex has ...