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The newly opened roastery is located in a historic former post office in Palazzo delle Poste.
Many gathered to celebrate the Starbucks Reserve Roastery that just opened in Milan. Attendees crowded at the newly opened roastery at Palazzo della Poste at Piazza Cordusio to partake in a live concert with performers from world-renowned Milanese opera house La Scala.The event was supposed ...
An interactive exhibit at the Triennale di Milano by the South Korean artist Haegue Yang invites visitors to step inside a labyrinth of colorful venetian blinds.
In Italy, arts patronage is baked into the national fabric, a patrimony handed down from the Medicis and the Borgias. Today, their role has been taken up by a handful of prominent dynasties in fashion, collectors, and benefactors who’ve thrown their financial muscle ...
Meet Italy's titans of taste.
In the 40 years since she founded the gallery Nilufar (Farsi for lotus), Tehran-born Nina Yashar has become Milan’s doyenne of design, beloved for her taste, her eclectic fashion, and her shrewdness in curating contemporary designers alongside midcentury masters. When T&C recently paid her a ...
From time-tested greats like the Four Seasons to newcomer Me Milan Il Duca, here are the top places to stay the next time you find yourself in Italy's fashion capital.
While fashion hogs the spotlight in Milan, tourism—namely the fantastic range of hotels—deserves as much attention as haute couture. Naturally, some of the biggest names in design and luxury—Bulgari and Armani—have staked out prime real estate in the city. The Mandarin Oriental ...
Near the top of the list? Casually, "draw Milan."
My to-do lists are hardly revolutionary. The line items typically found on post-its strewn across my kitchen counter—reminders about laundry, grocery lists, bills—are rather mundane, especially when I compare my list with that of Leonardo da Vinci.The genius artist's notes (above) are ...