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The world created by the musical's director manages to sneak sinister undertones into its rosy, yet simultaneously accurate vision of the Philippines during the Martial Law period.
There’s no question that the current political climate has spurred the creation of new art, and it’s no more apparent than this month, when three Martial Law-related stories—two films (ML and Liway) and a musical—have made their debuts. Of these three, Eto ...
"All of us want to do whatever our heart desires, but we must remember that freedom does not come for free."
Tell me if this is strange, but I find joy in my once-a-year meeting with my accountants and financial advisors. It's not at all a serious meeting about the IPOs and acquisitions of our humble company, but just a midweek brunch, usually ...
In a pushback against perceived memory loss and historical revisionism, several institutions are reminding us of the truths about Martial Law.
Forty-five years ago, the Philippines was put under martial law by Ferdinand Marcos. From 1972 to 1981, Marcos’ military rule resulted in 3,257 extrajudicial killings, 35,000 individual tortures, and 70,000 were incarcerations, and at least 737 Filipino Desaparecidos or the Disappeared Ones. ...