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On July 20 and 21, memorabilia from the Quezon Residence will go under the gavel in an online auction.
Mention New Manila and a genteel and refined image of the Philippines’ old rich immediately comes to mind. The area was once populated by the country's most affluent and influential who did not only run the Philippines’ major businesses but also the ...
When every other country was closing their doors to the Holocaust refugees, Filipinos proudly opened theirs, saving the lives of 1,200 Jewish refugees in the Philippines.
At a time when Jews were the most desperate of desperates, when they were being subjected to unimaginable horrors, when they were being hunted, exterminated, and treated like pestilence, every other nation closed their doors to Jewish refugees in their darkest hour, but ...
Doña Aurora Quezon was austere yet gentle, and was a well-loved figure in Philippine history.
Every April 28, Filipinos remember the ruthless assassination of Aurora Antonia Aragón Quezon, more affectionately known as Doña Aurora Quezon—the Philippines’ first official first lady. Although previous Philippine presidents had spouses, it was only during the presidency of Manuel Quezon when the term was ...