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His infamous Upper East Side mansion is just one of the properties in the disgraced financier's vast real estate portfolio, and each of them seems to have a creepy story.
After an FBI raid last week, sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's creepy Upper East Side mansion (one of Manhattan's largest and most expensive) has been exposed as location where he allegedly abused girls and women. But in addition to this townhouse (which he seems to ...
The five-story Carroll Mansion, built by architect Clarence True in 1898, is on sale for $8 million.
If you're familiar with New York City real estate, you know it's pretty rare to find a single-family mansion that's still brimming with most of its original details. That's what makes the Carroll Mansion, located at 86 Riverside Drive in Manhattan, so ...
These once-grand homes have seen better days.
Whether you're in the market for an abandoned mansion or just fascinated by the occasionally creepy stories they can tell, you've come to the right place.Gary Lawrance, who runs the popular Instagram account @mansionsofthegildedage, says this 1897 house is "perhaps the most amazing ...
Have a look at the stately mansions from Manila’s bygone era of opulence.
Towering condominiums may be popular as of late, but nothing quite compares to the grandeur of Manila’s historic houses.These mansions were a common sight in pre-war Manila, and were the chosen residences of the city’s landed families (most were part of Manila’s ...
Gruesome stories hide behind these grandiose exteriors.
The New Orleans mansion of socialite Delphine LaLaurie is one of the most notorious spots in the Big Easy. Legend has it that Madame LaLaurie tortured — and possibly murdered — her numerous slaves inside her otherwise glamorous home. Her backstory was ...