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In a world of cramped seats and incessant delays, these are the airlines worth flying.
It's no secret that air travel isn't the most glamorous—or comfortable—experience. We've all heard the horror stories about inexplicable delays, questionable in-flight meals, and lost baggage nightmares. But some airlines are really trying to make flying a more enjoyable and luxurious process—and ...
Don't leave without trying at least one of these iconic dining establishments.
The dynamic city of Singapore is a commercial hub that's seen many fine establishments come and go. This makes it a challenge for chefs and restaurateurs to up their game and explore the new and the bold. If you ever find yourself ...
Town&Country managing editor Nicole Limos and PGATECH president Mark Morales share some wedding planning tips and details about their Makati wedding and reception.
Town&Country Philippines managing editor Nicole Limos and PGATECH president Mark Morales share their love story, some wedding planning tips, and details about their Makati wedding and reception.Mark, a geotechnical engineer, and Nicole, a lifestyle journalist, met in Hong Kong through a common ...
Tom Cunanan, Margarita Manzke, and Sheldon Simeon were each nominated in three different categories.
It’s time yet again to cheer for Filipino ingenuity as the prestigious James Beard Foundation recognizes three Filipino-American chefs for their talent. Tom Cunanan, Margarita Lorenzana Manzke, and Sheldon Simeon were each listed as semifinalists in advance of the 29th annual James ...
These soon-to-be It bags feature a whole lot of logos and warm tones.
The cycle of fashion is one that’s swift. Case in point, certain items on trend today will probably be considered “last season” the next. While handbags have the ability to transcend seasons, it’s still best to be a smart consumer and buy ...
It's time to expand your palate to the other great whiskeys of the world.
First things first: we've got nothing against scotch. It's just that the famous Scottish spirit seems to get the lion's share of the glory in the world of whiskey when there are so many exceptional whiskey styles and bottles just waiting to be ...
Inside the cultural institution's $500,000,000 gamble.
Sparks fly inside the Shed. Specifically, in the McCourt, the performance hall whose retractable shell is the signature flourish of the 200,000-square-foot structure’s flexible design. The building, recently named in honor of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, is encased in Teflon-based ...
Plus, how much it costs to charter each vessel.
Ever since travel was made easy and tourism was popularized, luxury travel has existed. First were passenger liners whose first class facilities were the finest at the time, comparable to luxury hotels in accommodations and service. Another way to travel in high ...
The King of Rock 'n' Roll met an tragic, and controversial, end.
“Elvis Presley is the greatest cultural force in the 20th century,” the famous composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein told a reporter from TIME in the late 1960s. When the reporter prodded, skeptical, about the cultural influence of other legendary artists like Picasso, Bernstein merely ...
Achieving your travel bucket list just got easier.
We all crave a truly spectacular vacation—the sort of trip that really recharges your batteries, resets your perceptions, and introduces you to new and exciting sights. In short: the kind of trip you'll still be talking about decades down the line.The only ...
Get a taste of France at this year's Gout de France.
On March 21, hundreds of people will get a chance to experience French cuisine, tradition, and values like no other with the biggest French dinner around the world.First launched by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Goût de France was started to ...
New York's newest neighborhood development opened last weekend.
Hudson Yards, a decade in the making, is the largest private real estate development ever built in the U.S. As it inhabits the relatively small island that is Manhattan, New Yorkers have been watching, waiting, commending, and critiquing the neighborhood for years, ...