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In a world of cramped seats and incessant delays, these are the airlines worth flying.
It's no secret that air travel isn't the most glamorous—or comfortable—experience. We've all heard the horror stories about inexplicable delays, questionable in-flight meals, and lost baggage nightmares. But some airlines are really trying to make flying a more enjoyable and luxurious process—and ...
Don't leave without trying at least one of these iconic dining establishments.
The dynamic city of Singapore is a commercial hub that's seen many fine establishments come and go. This makes it a challenge for chefs and restaurateurs to up their game and explore the new and the bold. If you ever find yourself ...
New York's newest neighborhood development opened last weekend.
Hudson Yards, a decade in the making, is the largest private real estate development ever built in the U.S. As it inhabits the relatively small island that is Manhattan, New Yorkers have been watching, waiting, commending, and critiquing the neighborhood for years, ...
Even the most seasoned traveler makes mistakes.
“When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” we’ve heard time and again. When you’re visiting a foreign place for the first time, it’s natural to want to do the locals right by following their traditions, and even learning a few phrases. ...
Passports may or may not be required.
You and your spouse-to-be have finally settled on a venue for your big day and it just so happens to be miles away from where you call home—welcome to planning a destination wedding.Bursting with benefits, destination weddings give you (and your guests!) ...
Experience a spring awakening in Amsterdam, a famed sailing race in Newport, and so much more.
Craving a getaway but not quite sure where to go? Here are 10 wanderlust-worthy vacation ideas to put on your radar for May.If you’ve already checked Iceland off your bucket list, consider a trip to the Lofoten Islands in Norway. The scenic ...
The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas recently unveiled Hirst’s new Empathy Suite Sky Villa.
Las Vegas has been slowly rebranding itself as an art destination for years, accumulating a light room by James Turrell at the Louis Vuitton in Crystals at CityCenter, CityCenter Fine Arts Collection, and Dream Machine by Wayne Littlejohn to name a few. Now, the Palms has unveiled ...
It will be the first Italian city to do so.
Seven years after the city began taxing overnight guests, Venice will now charge day-trippers as well.The city's mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, said that the fee would "protect those who live, study and work in our territory," according to the Independent. "It will help us to better ...
The city is a labyrinth of twists and turns that lead to secret hideaways.
To celebrate my sister Lara’s 40th year, we indulged her desire to set foot in Africa, to complete her visits to all seven continents.Since we couldn’t be away from work for too long, we headed to Marrakech for a taste of exotic ...
A Roman bath in the city, underwater hotel suites, a must-see festival, and more in China's largest city.
No other district encompasses modern China like the energetic Shanghai, the country's largest city. With its size and population, Shanghai is the center for economic development, where one finds the latest innovations. It's a marriage of heritage and tradition with technological advancements, ...
Take a peek at the newly renovated Christopher in dreamy St. Barth's.
Our column "The Best Room At" offers a glimpse inside some of the most charming, luxurious, and iconic properties around the world.If being hit by a hurricane wasn’t enough, The Christopher, a standby of five-star luxury on the island of St. Barth had ...
Our insider tips for the Australian city.
Often overlooked by tourists in favor of Sydney and the Gold Coast, Melbourne is a culturally rich metropolis that deserves to top everyone’s first-time Aussie travel itinerary, especially if you’re after a more enriching experience down under.Situated in the state of Victoria ...