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Why have a boring black suitcase when you could travel with the rainbow?
When you think of what it takes to make a great suitcase, "cake" may not be the first word that jumps to mind. But luggage brand Away is making a strong argument about why it should be with their newly-launched limited edition collection: a collaboration ...
Three airlines have officially banned smart luggage with non-removable batteries.
"Smart" luggage has the ability to make your life a lot easier, what with built-in USB charging ports, Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices, and even handles that double as scales. But before you purchase one, you should make sure your bag isn't in violation of any ...
In the 1930s, its factory caught fire, which burnt down everything but aluminum.
Rimowa luggage is often seen in airports around the world. Depicting luxury and innovation, the luggage brand has proven to be a cult favorite as well as a status symbol in the international jet set scene.More a travel companion, each piece of ...
Here's what you need to know.
Now that travelers are used to slipping off their shoes at security and packing liquids and gels into three-ounce bottles, there's another new rule fliers have to follow. The Transportation Security Administration has just announced new restrictions on carrying powders in your carry-on.As Travel ...
A travel bag should be your trusted companion for years to come.
For many, traveling securely means having your guard up, being street smart, and keeping your valuables in check. While those pointers still apply, it’s also good to update your travel bags and luggage every so often—and more than just for aesthetic reasons.Luggage ...
You may think it's a good idea, but you're really making a big mistake.
Vacations are all about having fun, relaxing, and getting the opportunity to escape from everyday reality. But as all of us Type-A people will relate to, we can only truly relax once we know that everything is safe and secure—our home, money, ...
As a people, we must have the heaviest luggage checked in or hand-carried either on our way to our destination or coming home from it.
Heavy luggage on the way to a destination presumes that any attire brought on a trip is projected to be worn no more than twice, including underwear. There is the supposition too that one is not to spend for such luxuries as ...
This new line by Briggs & Riley features a zipperless expansion.
We've all been there. It's the night before that vacation you've been planning for months and your suitcase is so overstuffed it refuses to close. You've already made some tough wardrobe sacrifices. You've tried sitting on it. You've had your whole family ...