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Meet the entire cast and the characters they will portray, plus see official movie stills here.
We’re a few weeks away from the local release of Crazy Rich Asians on August 22. For anyone who’s read the trilogy and is eagerly awaiting to see how Asians will be represented in the film, this last stretch is the toughest.To ...
A maverick war correspondent, Hemingway's third wife was the only woman at D-Day and saw the liberation of Dachau. Her husband wanted her home in his bed.
One sultry morning last June, I hired a car to take me from beautifully ruinous Old Havana, through ravaged parts of the city most tourists never see, to the nearby village of San Francisco de Paula, a dusty speck of a place ...
Our annual list of exceptional Filipino high school graduates on their way to a world-class education.
Meet some of the most hardworking young minds from the graduating class of 2018. Filled with gratitude, moved by passion, and armed with exceptional skills, these students are ready to face bigger challenges with the intent to make the world—and especially the ...
Pedro I and Inês de Castro were the real-life Romeo and Juliet.
The epic love story of Peter I of Portugal and Ines de Castro is one that’s characterized by passion, intrigue, mystery, jealousy, and murder. It’s spawned several legends and has even become a source of inspiration for poets and artists alike. There’s ...
In whatever field she has entered, entrepreneur Karen Santos is driven by her passions.
Every so often, the universe sends Karen Santos a sign, and everything else just seems to fall into place. Best known these days for Kassa, her brand that sells fine linens and table accessories, Karen now also offers fine furniture—everything from Louis ...
How much do you need to live the dream life?
In today’s consumer-driven society, where nearly everything can be bought, is it any wonder why people are also looking to buy happiness?  A quick trip to any bookstore will showcase a wide selection of self-help reading materials on the subject. It’s unlikely ...
You can call Anne Aaron the Stream Queen.
“Am I seriously the only woman in this room?” It’s a question Anne Aaron would find herself asking when she’s in a room of 30 engineering leaders. And unfortunately, “yes” would usually be the answer.Aaron is the Director of Video Algorithms at Netflix. It's about ...
Town & Country travels to Cebu to spend time with the Harvard-educated university chancellor.
This is the story of a wisp of a girl who lives in a house on a hill with two dogs and 15 horses.Her name is Candice Gotianuy.At Candice’s house, the unassuming gates open up to a sweeping driveway leading to the ...
From the royal crown jewels to priceless art, here are eight of the most intriguing heists in history.
History is full of thieves. People do crazy things for money and sometimes, crazy people do extraordinary things to get it. In many cases, their exploits become some of the most fascinating stories told—inspiring songs, books, and movies that captivate us. While ...
Was he really poor and uneducated?
The year was 1863 and it was a time of upheaval: The Spanish had lost their status as the global superpower, their influence further chipped away by global free trade and open markets advanced by the British in Asia, while Manila saw ...
We take you back to a day spent with the legendary Filipino fashion designer after he was honored with the National Artist award.
His atelier was his home. Where sideboards and tables were lined with frame after frame of first ladies, heads of state, royalty, beauty queens, and society icons wearing his creations. "The memoir of a painted Angel"Where his collection of handmade piña fabric—his ...
Writer Maileen Salazar honors her grandmother with an essay on her unrivaled love.
Love is a peeled grape. Love is a fish without bones. My grandmother’s heart lies in the food she prepares. All her care is revealed in the perfectly seasoned chicken and pork adobo. All her worries manifest in each precise slice of ...