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Director Marielle Heller on directing Melissa McCarthy in a move that's already earning Oscar buzz.
The letters of literary greats like Dorothy Parker, Noël Coward, and Lillian Hellman can be among the most sought-after things they’ve written. For someone with the right level of notoriety, correspondence might be collected into an anthology or actual ink-and-paper letters sold ...
Seven notorious con men (and women) who were caught in the act.
Scion: Posing as Clark Rocke­feller, a member of the oil family, serial impostor Christian Gerharts­reiter moved to Massachusetts in 1995 and married a high-placed McKinsey executive, with whom he had a daughter. In 2008, she divorced him; he was convicted of abducting his ...
In a role that's earning early Oscar buzz, Melissa McCarthy plays Israel, a writer who forged 400 letters from Dorothy Parker, Noel Coward, and more.
Lee Israel came late to a life of crime. Though her forgeries of letters from luminaries like Louise Brooks, Dorothy Parker, and Ernest Hemingway would ultimately become a far more enduring legacy than her work as a biographer, the criminal enterprise that ...