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It's Savage's first anniversary.
At this point, we know that only good things come out of the collaborations between top chefs, so when Savage, Manila's modern open-fire restaurant, announced its first anniversary with a charitable six-hands dinner, we knew something wonderful and delicious was imminent.Savage's one-night-only ...
Special menus in the exclusivity of your own home a perfect evening.
Entertaining your closest friends at home is easy when the country’s top chefs are on speed dial. Mindanao-born, Manila-educated, and French-trained chef Miko Calo started her international culinary career with the best of the best. Fresh from the renowned Intensive Professional Program in ...
The seasoned chef has worked for the likes of Mario Batali and her own culinary heroes, Nancy Silverton and Anita Lo.
Karla Mendoza has spent the last 25 years chasing her culinary dreams. Late last year, following several successful stints at the helm of kitchens from New York to Los Angeles and Singapore, she returned home, ready to make her mark on Manila’s ...