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Andrews once took on the press herself—and won.
At the tail end of their royal tour of southern Africa, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made waves with an announcement that Meghan had filed a lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday.The complaint was over the Mail's publication of a private letter Meghan had written, but in a ...
The flying shots were filmed last, "in case of an accident." And on the very last day, for a moment, Andrews thought her luck was "going to run out."
It seems that the Mary Poppins producers weren't particularly confident that Julie Andrews could film the titular character's flying scenes without sustaining an injury—and she almost did.In an interview with the Today show, Andrews revealed that the flying shots were saved for last, "in case of [an] ...
This is one of our favorite things.
Despite ostensibly having nothing to do with Christmas (aside from the snow, and well, nuns), The Sound of Music has solidified its place in popular culture as a holiday movie. It's most poignant song, "Edelweiss," is featured in seasonal compilations, and every year at ...