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Josh Boutwood has returned with his signature restaurant, Test Kitchen.
I’ve always thought that naming his first standalone restaurant "The Test Kitchen" was one of chef Josh Boutwood’s many strokes of entrepreneurial genius. It’s simple, it’s catchy, it speaks of creativity, and it most definitely piques curiosity. But what I find most ...
Boutwood seeks to collaborate with fellow culinary nomads in the dining industry and his first dinner is in partnership with Old Manila's chef de cuisine.
What happens when some of the best culinary minds in the world come together to collaborate? In the eyes of Josh Boutwood, the notable chef behind two of Manila’s most progressive dining establishments, Helm and Savage, and the central figure behind The ...
It's Savage's first anniversary.
At this point, we know that only good things come out of the collaborations between top chefs, so when Savage, Manila's modern open-fire restaurant, announced its first anniversary with a charitable six-hands dinner, we knew something wonderful and delicious was imminent.Savage's one-night-only ...
The rigors of kitchenwork require something easy.
Josh Boutwood, the young chef that has Manila's tastemakers buzzing, is, at the moment, very busy with Helm, his ultra-exclusive ten-seater restaurant that serves, among other wonders, blue crab tarts and chocolate-durian desserts. “It's really an exciting time and also taking a lot ...
Josh Boutwood's highly anticipated fine-dining, tasting-menu-only restaurant is set to stun in an intimate new space starting August 21.
Most talented chefs are chameleons of sorts. While they may be recognized for their expertise in a particular cuisine or lauded for their defined style of cooking, it is their ability to translate and adapt their honed technique from one culinary effort ...
Lamb and pork chops, rib eye, and flank steak—all grilled and smoked—are most definitely on offer at this pre-industrial restaurant.
In Manila’s 35-degree heat, I often wonder how our forefathers survived a Philippine summer without electricity. The idea of no spinning fans, no air- conditioning, and no running cold water on tap is not a time or place that I think anyone ...
Veterans and emerging chefs put forth their versions of four dishes.
As professions go, being a chef has never been a kind one. Examine a working chef’s hands, and they will be covered with scars from knife wounds, burns from the spatter of hot oil, roughened by constant exposure to acidity and the ...
English-born, Spanish-bred, and Filipino in his heart and soul, Josh has proven that he knows a thing or two about quality, consistency, and running a large-scale food business.
It is his private dining room, The Test Kitchen, that has brought Josh Boutwood into the culinary limelight. This month, he opens a new eatery in Poblacion that promises to bring out the “savage” in all of us.I dropped out of cooking ...