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The world of opera can be quite intimidating but going to the theater might not be as daunting if it's about a story every Filipino knows by heart. Don't miss your chance to catch Noli Me Tangere, The Opera, which is set ...
The story of how our national hero bungled his first attempt at having a girlfriend, and how he shrewdly managed to be engaged to two women at the same time.
Many Filipinos look up to national hero Jose Rizal for his admirable traits: courage, wit, intelligence, and patriotism. However, if there is one thing he repeatedly failed at, it was his quest for romance.Rizal was linked to numerous women in his day, ...
The Rizal family’s wealth has always been a point of curiosity: Why were they wealthy? Where did their wealth come from? How affluent was the Rizal family?
Our history textbooks reveal the Rizal family was counted among the wealthier families in the Philippines in the 19th century.Historian Ambeth Ocampo describes the clan as “upper class, educated, well-read, and had a view of the world outside Calamba.”Jose Rizal and his ...
Facts about our National Hero that may have been overlooked in the teaching of history in classrooms.
Today, June 19, is the birthday of Jose Rizal. Leading experts on Jose Rizal such as Renato Constantino (Veneration Without Understanding, 1970) and Ambeth Ocampo (Rizal Without the Overcoat Revised Edition, 1998) tell us that the first step to appreciating the heroism ...
Rivera allegedly burned all of Rizal’s letters and had the ashes sewn into the fabric of her wedding dress.
To Jose from his faithful cousin at fifteen years, eight months, and twenty-seven days. Leonor RiveraThese were the words Leonor Rivera wrote to Jose Rizal on the back of a photograph in 1880.At first glance, the words look innocent and consistent with ...
The piece will be up for auction on June 9.
At Leon Gallery in Legazpi Village, Makati, sits a curiosity; director Jaime Ponce de Leon considers it a national treasure. The piece is a single-piece hardwood relief depicting a man, unquestionably Filipino, dressed in European strongman’s shorts and lifting a dumbbell, his ...
Was he really poor and uneducated?
The year was 1863 and it was a time of upheaval: The Spanish had lost their status as the global superpower, their influence further chipped away by global free trade and open markets advanced by the British in Asia, while Manila saw ...
The four personal letters, all signed and dated by Jose Rizal, will go on the auction block on December 2.
Artifacts from the national hero Jose Rizal are plentiful in museums all across the country.León Gallery is offering the chance to have some of those priceless letters in your own personal collection—an especially rare chance as most of Rizal’s possessions are government-owned.A ...