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The Gokongwei Brothers Foundation focuses on education in the fields of science and engineering.
Taipan John Gokongwei, Jr. visited the Laguna campus of De La Salle University this morning.The 92-year-old founder and chairman emeritus of JG Summit was there to tour the center he helped support through the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation.The John Gokongwei Innovation Center (JGIC), ...
The JG Summit chairman emeritus was given a lifetime achievement award at the University of San Carlos.
JG Summit Chairman Emeritus John Gokongwei, Jr. went back to his hometown of Cebu earlier this week to receive the lifetime achievement award from his Alma Mater, the University of San Carlos. DR. JOHN L. GOKONGWEI, JR., CEBUANO & CAROLINIAN On October 18th, ...
This year saw the most number of new entries and exits in the exclusive list since 2013.
Business magazine Forbes’ latest list of the Philippines’ 50 richest people features six new names. That’s the highest number of newcomers since 2013, when the list was expanded from 40 tycoons to 50.Leading the six newcomers is William Belo, the founder and ...
Check out the average pay of the five highest officers of major listed companies owned by the richest Filipinos.
Much is known about how much the country’s richest tycoons are worth. A cursory look at the annually published list of top world billionaires by U.S. magazine Forbes would reveal the size of their publicly known fortunes.In building their wealth, these billionaires ...
John Gokongwei, Jr., once sold soap at the public market; now he is one of the Philippines' wealthiest individuals.
John Gokongwei, Jr. is a force to reckon with. In his 90s, he is still a top player in the Philippine economy, and has consistently retained a spot on Forbes' annual Billionaires List. His net worth is $4.4 billion.Gokongwei, Jr. is the founder ...
Big John on values, the importance of money, and the best thing he's done with wealth.
Money is not that important. I don’t spend money that much. But in business it’s a measure of your success. I don’t have a yacht or a private plane or all that. I live a simple life.Best thing I've done with money? ...
The highest number of Filipinos on the global wealth list.
Led by Henry Sy Sr., John Gokongwei Jr., and Lucio Tan, a record number of Filipinos—14 in all—made it to the 2017 Forbes World's Billionaires List, according to a new ranking released by the U.S. business magazine Monday evening. That is the ...