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The former first son died 20 years ago.
When John F. Kennedy Jr. tragically died in a plane crash alongside his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren, he was one of the most recognizable people in America. His face was on the cover of magazines and he and Carolyn were regularly hounded by photographers, ...
Yes, that would be the first U.S. president's sword in Robert De Niro's hands.
A large part of the appeal of George magazine—a short-lived political publication in America lead by John F. Kennedy, Jr.—was its covers. George could be counted on to dress up the day's biggest stars as Susan B. Anthony, Marilyn Monroe, and yes, George Washington.One particularly memorable cover ...
Plus, that time John asked Madonna to dress as Jackie on the cover.
This July will mark 20 years since John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, died in a plane crash. There's a lot to remember about the couple—and high on that list is John's work with George magazine. The publication upended the political publishing ...
They dated for two years.
Before John F. Kennedy Jr. married Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy in 1996, he was linked to a number of famous women, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Cindy Crawford, and Daryl Hannah, whom he was with on and off for five years.Many of his ex-girlfriends have kept mum about what ...
The two-hour prime-time special airs this January on ABC.
ABC has released the first footage of The Last Days of JFK Jr., a new documentary airing in January. The two-hour special will explore the lives of John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife, Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, as they were just before the couple died in ...
The rare photos were taken while Kennedy was a student at Brown.
Sometimes referred to as "the prince of Camelot," John F. Kennedy Jr. became a cultural icon in his own right for his effortless charm, preppy style, and of course, his extraordinary good looks. Since his death at the age of 38 in ...