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One of his fondest projects for a celebrity client took 3,000 hours to complete.
It takes a second to spot a regal dress and instantly recognize that it is a Michael Cinco wedding gown. Though the designer has developed a signature style that’s easy to spot, his creations have one thing in common: They all astonish. ...
When Ben Affleck proposed to J.Lo with a six-carat colored diamond, he kicked off a craze for one of the world's rarest diamonds.
In 2002, Ben Affleck went into Harry Winston to see about a pink diamond. Legend has it that it was just because Jennifer Lopez liked the color pink. But he also might be a jewelry psychic with an eye for the future ...
As a couple, they're not into understated baubles.
When Alex Rodriquez proposed to Jennifer Lopez this past weekend, the world collectively gasped. Lopez, who is engaged for the fifth time, has received some stunning engagement rings through the years (remember her pink diamond from Ben Affleck that set off a ...
It appears the icon only accepts square or emerald cuts.
It was the engagement Instagram that caused all of us to stop dead in our collective tracks. Alex Rodriguez announced his engagement to pop icon Jennifer Lopez with a picture of a stunning emerald cut diamond, estimated to be between 10 and 15 carats ...
Some tricks to keep in mind when following in the footsteps of J.Lo., Amal, and Grace Kelly.
Jennifer Lopez has become something of an engagement ring influencer. First, there was her pink diamond from Ben Affleck, which set off a frenzy for colored stones that rippled through the jewelry world. Then, this weekend, a ring from Alex Rodriguez (along ...
J.Lo's worn some of the most influential engagement rings in recent history. Will this one spark an emerald-cut trend?
It was the Instagram engagement announcement heard around the jewelry world. Two hands clasped with an enormous emerald cut diamond shining on one. The hands, to be clear, were those of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez and the message was simple: “She ...
The celebrity couple are the new owners of a 4,000-square foot pad in the tallest residential building in the world.
Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez have purchased a $15.3 million apartment at 432 Park Avenue, the tallest residential building in the world (Mansion Global first reported the news of the deal, which closed in February). Scroll down to see inside a model ...
The house comes with a 110-seat screening room and is on the market for $16 million.
A Hamptons mansion that's previously been rented by Jay-Z and Beyoncé, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez is on the market. Scroll down for a look inside the 19,000-square-foot home."I felt like a little kid in a big haunted house in there," Jay-Z told New York magazine about ...
Want to know where Leo vacations? We've got you.
Celebrities are a well-traveled bunch. When not jetting around the world for their jobs, whether it be a film set in London, a concert venue in Hong Kong, or even a seminar in Davos, they're likely en route to some fabulous vacation ...