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Tsuta, the world’s first Michelin-starred ramen house, opens in Manila tomorrow.
With Manila’s thriving food scene, the opening of Michelin-starred restaurants such as Tsuta hardly comes as a surprise to the Filipino gourmand.But what makes Tsuta’s arrival in the Philippines groundbreaking is that it was allowed by the restaurant’s global management in the ...
At Ikomai, traditional street food is given the unexpected twist.
Combining the character of a casual café, the ambience of a comfortable bar, and accessible, yet creative, street-inspired food, Ikomai is a great option for true fans of Japanese cuisine.One immediately feels at home in the new Salcedo Village eatery that's run by a ...
At his newly-opened restaurant Hibana, in Legaspi Village, chef Mark Tan reinvents himself once again.
I have been following chef Mark Tan’s career for some time now, having first met him in 2012 at his restaurant, the now defunct Studio Kitchen in Alabang.  Although his cooking back then showed much promise, the location of the restaurant proved ...
Chef Go Okura shows us what he can do in the kitchen, and it's not just about grilling the perfect steak.
When the stint of an ambassador on foreign soil ends, it is customary for the entire household to go through a complete overhaul. For Go Okura, the chef of the outgoing Japanese ambassador, this proved to be a dilemma. He was having ...
You won’t get a raw deal at these Japanese places.
The idea of sushi began around 19 centuries ago in Southeast Asia. It was a way to preserve meat—curing it then wrapping it in rice to preserve it. In the 8th Century, the technique made its way to Japan where vinegar was ...