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Soon-to-open Japanese fine-dining restaurant Yamazato will be offering kaiseki ryori.
Finding authentic Japanese food may seem difficult, but thankfully, hot new restos are emerging here and there. Hotel Okura—slated to open within the next few months—will be Manila’s newest addition, not only to the hotel scene but the restaurant scene as well.Many ...
It is the quality of food and ingredients that sets Kazunori apart from the hundreds of other Japanese restaurants scattered around the city.
Tucked away in the midst of car horns and muddled pedestrians, along what is fast becoming the city’s most talked about food corridor, is Kazunori, a new Japanese restaurant with three distinct dining concepts. It houses a casual cafe in the front, ...
Let Ryohei Kawamoto surprise you with a meticulously prepared meal at this new kaiseki restaurant.
There is something luxurious about sitting down at a restaurant and not having to make any decisions. For someone like myself who is usually handed a menu immediately, not only by the wait staff but just as frequently by those in my ...