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Decades-long correspondences between Fleming and his wife are up for auction next month.
The James Bond character has always been synonymous with enigma and charm. His elusive nature, however, is going to unravel slightly with the revelation that Sotheby’s has to offer. In December, private letters written by Agent 007 creator Ian Fleming to his ...
For the first time, a black woman will assume the iconic codename.
In the upcoming Bond 25, James Bond is dissociated from his iconic numeral: 007. While Daniel Craig will still play Bond, up-and-coming British actress Lashana Lynch will reportedly assume the codename.The Daily Mail reports that, at the start of Bond 25, Bond is enjoying retirement. But it's only a matter ...
Here are some of the most significant models in automotive history.
From the lines to the sound and all the history, there’s really nothing like a classic car. To present some of the world’s most important, iconic classic cars we went through decades of automotive history.Below, our list of ten classic, collectible cars.It’s hard ...
It's still unclear if he'll play 007.
Over the weekend actor Idris Elba took to social media to address the rumors that he might be the next James Bond. On Sunday morning, Elba posted a series of photos on his Twitter account igniting the conversation over whether or not ...
Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith are still completely enamored with each other after 25 years.
Pierce Brosnan celebrated 25 years of marriage with his wife Keely Shaye Smith in 2018. Who is the actor's wife Keely Shaye Smith? For one thing, she's a journalist, published author, and television host.Brosnan might be as smooth and charming as James ...
The actor, who stars in The Square, is having a very good year.
It sounds like a story fit for the tabloids. The dashing chief curator of a modern art museum in Stockholm finds himself in the midst of a professional fiasco while at the very same time he’s attempting to manage an out-of-control personal ...