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No official word yet, but construction of a bridge nearby is raising eyebrows.
San Agustin Church in Intramuros has been standing for more than four centuries now—through the ravages of war and, well, urban development since 1587—to become not just the Philippines' oldest Roman Catholic Church and one of the most beautiful, but also one ...
The Maestranza Creative Quarter is set to open in 2020.
If you spent most of your college life in Manila, specifically the University Belt, then you probably visited Intramuros once or twice for a school project—an art history paper, a music video, a photo shoot, or even just for rehearsing a presentation ...
Though the elite lived in luxury, the poor lived outside the walls.
The walled city of Intramuros, Latin for “within the walls,” was the precursor of modern-day Manila. During its heyday, the city was the center of life: business, politics, religion, education, and everything in between.Intramuros’ residents were mostly made up of Spanish officials ...
Held in part to remember our tragic history, the Manila Biennale 2018—“an art event as well as a memorial”—aims to bring back the spirit of the city through arts and culture.
“Manila has lost its soul,” laments artist and provocateur Carlos Celdran, perhaps also the city’s most famous—or notorious, depending where you stand on his political and social views—tour guide. This simple statement is the motivating factor behind the launch of the Manila ...
Sites you need to see at least once in your life, as well as not-so-well-known places you might be missing out on!
If you’ve ever had foreign friends over in Manila and they ask to be treated to a bit of history in the city, there’s no doubt that only one place comes to mind: Intramuros. On a good day, the sun would not ...
The Prado Museum in Intramuros is on its last few days inside the walled city of Manila.
One mustn’t miss “The Prado Museum in Intramuros,” now on its last few days inside the walled city of Manila.Organized by The Prado Museum, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, the Embassy of Spain in the Philippines, Instituto Cervantes de Manila, ...
It's one thing to live in Manila and another to truly and deeply experience it. Carlos Celdran tells us about his hometown favorites.
1. Quiapo. It’s the soul of Manila. Makati and Ortigas Center may show what the Philippines aspires to be, but Quiapo shows what the Filipino is really all about. It’s crazy, gritty, wondrous, and relentless. Walk by the amulet vendors next to ...