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A decade after the birth of the iPhone and Facebook, these very powerful tools of information are proving to be both useful and dangerous.
In the first decade of the new millennium, two very extraordinary things took place that changed our lives forever.One was the birth of the iPhone—a mobile phone-cum camera-cum-super computer that fits in the palm of your hand—and the phenomenal rise of social ...
The amount of activity spent online on a global scale is nothing short of amazing.
People all over the world are obsessed with data, and the Internet has us generating a staggering amount of it. The amount of activity spent online on a global scale is nothing short of amazing.In March 2017, Lori Lewis and Chadd Callahan ...
We break down the science of color perception and how this sneaker is exactly the same case as that darn dress from two years ago.
The worlds of Facebook and Twitter were sent into a flurry yesterday as the color of a sneaker sparked much debate. Similar to the heated discussion in 2015 about whether a dress in a post was blue and black or white and ...
As a child, she was so poor that she had to plug the holes in her shoes with candy wrappers. Now, Dr. Astrid Tuminez uses her experiences to help the marginalized.
Dr. Astrid Tuminez is a living testament to how profoundly education can change a person's life. Now Microsoft's regional director for corporate, external, and legal affairs in Southeast Asia, Dr. Tuminez is also an accomplished speaker and a widely published author with ...