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Developing countries have outpaced the Philippines.
Intelligence quotient or IQ, is often used as the standard of measuring smartness. It is the ability of a person to learn. A high IQ indicates that a person is intelligent and has an ability to learn things faster, while a low ...
Maybe that's why you're such a homebody.
While the average person is happier with a large friend circle, new research reveals those with higher IQs are better off with a small one. Evolutionary psychologists Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics and Norman Li of Singapore Management University are ...
A new study reveals your childhood friends may have an impact on your intelligence later in life.
If you've always prided yourself on your intelligence, then you might have someone unexpected to thank: your best friends from childhood.A new study from a team of researchers has suggested that spending time with intelligent peers in childhood may have a lasting ...
The reason for that tingly feeling, explained.
Whether it's an Adele belter that gets you going, or you're more of a classical symphony lady, we've all had that experience of a piece of music being so good that it gives us the chills.So why do we get that goosebump-y ...
Neurofeedback will train your brain via a computer program.
The doctor swivels the computer screen to reveal the top view of a human head. Sections are numbered and numbers are lettered; it reminds you of a very crowded map. On the upper right-hand corner is the seat of judgment; over there ...
We knew it.
Have you ever been focusing extra-hard on a task, only to realize you were talking out loud to yourself while doing it? When there's someone else in the room (and, honestly, even when there's not), talking to yourself can feel pretty darn ...
High-pitched affection included.
Some people who do not own pets may watch their dog-loving friends talking to their animals as if they were human (high-pitched, pet voice included) and wonder what on earth they think they are achieving. But it turns out that this behavior ...
Did your pup make the list?
Ever have the feeling that your dog is actually smarter than all the other pups? Forget dog mom bias — you might actually be right.There are plenty of ways to test a pup's intelligence — psychologists and animal behaviorists have been looking ...
Joke's on everyone else.
Do you laugh at jokes about death, disease, and destruction? Do people sometimes get a little quiet and maybe even offended at your twisted humor? Take pity on them, because they just might not be as smart as you. New research suggests ...