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India Hicks and her mother zigzagged across London this week in search of the missing pieces.
Imagine having so many jewels that you can't remember where you left them? That's exactly what happened to Prince Philip's cousin Lady Pamela Hicks this week. The whole ordeal, which featured a "bat cave," a drill, and the careful negotiation of a ...
"I am lucky to have such a Godfather, but we all are lucky to have such a Prince amongst us," she wrote.
Prince Charles received numerous messages yesterday in honor of his milestone birthday, not only from his family, but also from well-wishers around the world. One particularly poignant note came from the Prince's goddaughter, designer India Hicks."Every birthday, every Christmas, a card and present would ...
India Hicks talks about her relationship with David Hicks, the prolific decorator who designed the Prince of Wales’s private living quarters.
Having David Hicks as your father was anything but dull. I assumed that everyone lived in a world of vibrating color, where walls of pink felt met purple tweed cushions, clashing with vermillion carpets and maroon upholstered furniture.My parents married on a ...