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Socialite Cornelia Guest weighs in on hosting a classy party for grown-ups.
Event planner extraordinaire Cornelia Guest shares her tips with T&C for how to throw the ultimate spooky soiree, including the most delicious autumn recipes to serve.I believe it's important to keep your dinner menu short and sweet! If you are entertaining a large ...
The who's who of shindig-throwers in 2019 is out.
When Carla McDonald, a seasoned public relations exec, traded New York for Austin, TX in order to marry her husband Jack and start a family, she thought that keeping her hand in the marketing game would be a good thing, and initially ...
You won't believe what a difference a fir branch and holiday ribbon can make.
In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, here are 25 sophisticated table setting ideas for the holiday dinner table this year.BUY NOW Chocolate Covered Candy Canes, $11 for a Set of 12 (P557.04)Christmas treats are always acceptable (even before dinner).More: Elegant Christmas Decorations ...
Oh, number five is very important.
Would you pay someone to encourage mingling at your own party? Well, for Rachel Fay, that is exactly her job description...As the U.K.'s first, and currently only, professional introducer, Fay's role at a party is to introduce guests, keep conversation circles rotating ...