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The role is based at Buckingham Palace, and you can apply on LinkedIn!
A very unique job opportunity is now available to spearhead and oversee the Queen's—yes, Queen Elizabeth II, the world's longest reigning monarch—social media presence.The job vacancy was posted by the Royal Household on job sites like LinkedIn this week and advertises for a "natural communicator" ...
The Queen made a glorious appearance in bright pink.
After two royal weddings in 2018, another member of the Queen's family is getting married at Windsor Castle on May 18. See every incredible moment of the celebration here.Just weeks before Princess Eugenie was set to walk down the aisle, Buckingham Palace ...
Is change (actually) coming?
Political dynasties generally make up the Philippine political landscape. You have the Aquinos, Binays, Dutertes, and Marcoses taking hold of various government seats for decades just by passing on the position to their wives, sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, and so on. But ...
The true legacy of Nick Joaquin lies not in the volume or richness or brilliance of his works, but in the optimism in the Filipino.
As a writer, Nick Joaquin was extremely shy and elusive. When he was asked to fill out a biographical form for the English-language journal Philippine Review in 1943, he just wrote “25 years old, salesman.” But even his reclusive nature and preference for anonymity ...
During the 17th to 19th centuries, the Chinese survived a ruthless persecution by the Spaniards, and still emerged as crucial economic assets in the Philippines.
The history of the Chinese in the Philippines during the 16th to 18th century is usually relegated to the footnotes, when in fact, they were crucial actors who actively shaped Philippine history.One of the reasons why colonial and pre-colonial Chinese in the ...
Maurice Tempelsman may have been the least famous of the men in her life, but he was the one who was with Jackie to the end.
For a woman who spent much of her adult life in the spotlight, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was almost as famous for her desire for privacy as she was for the roles and relationships that had made her an American icon. So when ...
Without the furniture and fine art, that is.
Buckingham Palace is getting a makeover. The Queen's centuries-old residence is currently in the middle of a major refurbishment and the royal family has been sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the process on social media.For example, here are two photos recently posted ...
The new dad was practically overwhelmed by cards for his newborn from well-wishers in Oxford.
Proud new dad Prince Harry is in Oxford today, but his newborn son isn't far from his thoughts.Early on May 14 during a visit to Oxford Children’s Hospital, Harry told mum-of-two Amy Scullard from Aylesbury that he couldn’t imagine life without Archie, who was ...
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge traveled to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor today to meet the newborn.
Prince William and Kate met their new nephew Archie for the first time yesterday, T&C understands. The couple is understood to have visited Harry and Meghan and their newborn son at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor this afternoon.The visit took place after Harry returned from ...
One of the proposed designs incorporates a solar energy-powered roof.
After a devastating fire gutted parts of the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, the French government announced an international competition to redesign the Notre Dame spire. One of the designs gaining public interest is a glass roof and spire that can harness ...
The Prince of Wales's unexpected passing changed the course of European history, but we still don't know exactly how he died.
Arthur Tudor is often overshadowed by his more famous younger brother, Henry VIII. While Henry VIII's rule would mark a period of massive change and historical intrigue—his six wives; his split from the papacy and the start of the English Reformation; his ...
When every other country was closing their doors to the Holocaust refugees, Filipinos proudly opened theirs, saving the lives of 1,200 Jewish refugees in the Philippines.
At a time when Jews were the most desperate of desperates, when they were being subjected to unimaginable horrors, when they were being hunted, exterminated, and treated like pestilence, every other nation closed their doors to Jewish refugees in their darkest hour, but ...