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The first Tudor monarch's death was hidden for days before Henry VIII was proclaimed king.
King Henry VII may not be the most iconic Henry on The Spanish Princess—that honor goes to his youngest son, Henry VIII, whose historical shadow looms large over English history to this day—but the monarch still made a huge impact on England and ...
Here's everything you need to know about Catherine of Aragon's sister-in-law.
The new period drama The Spanish Princess follows Catherine of Aragon as she moves from Spain to England to marry Arthur Tudor, the Prince of Wales. (Though, she later ended up marrying his brother Henry, who became the infamous Henry VIII. Palace intrigue!)One character in ...
The Prince of Wales's unexpected passing changed the course of European history, but we still don't know exactly how he died.
Arthur Tudor is often overshadowed by his more famous younger brother, Henry VIII. While Henry VIII's rule would mark a period of massive change and historical intrigue—his six wives; his split from the papacy and the start of the English Reformation; his ...
Wander the halls after midnight like a true royal in one of the Tudor king's most-loved residences.
Whether you're into macabre history or just want to live the dream of spending the night in an honest-to-goodness royal palace, a new overnight event at Hampton Court Palace could be all the inspiration you need to buy a ticket across the pond.Beginning on ...