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Boutwood seeks to collaborate with fellow culinary nomads in the dining industry and his first dinner is in partnership with Old Manila's chef de cuisine.
What happens when some of the best culinary minds in the world come together to collaborate? In the eyes of Josh Boutwood, the notable chef behind two of Manila’s most progressive dining establishments, Helm and Savage, and the central figure behind The ...
To dine fancy, get a chef's table.
Those who aren't easily impressed with gastronomy know that there's only one way to get the full measure of a fancy restaurant: the degustation menu, attempted by many, offered by few, and excelled at by fewer.Discerning local diners have set the bar ...
The rigors of kitchenwork require something easy.
Josh Boutwood, the young chef that has Manila's tastemakers buzzing, is, at the moment, very busy with Helm, his ultra-exclusive ten-seater restaurant that serves, among other wonders, blue crab tarts and chocolate-durian desserts. “It's really an exciting time and also taking a lot ...
Josh Boutwood's highly anticipated fine-dining, tasting-menu-only restaurant is set to stun in an intimate new space starting August 21.
Most talented chefs are chameleons of sorts. While they may be recognized for their expertise in a particular cuisine or lauded for their defined style of cooking, it is their ability to translate and adapt their honed technique from one culinary effort ...