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The new HBO miniseries starring Helen Mirren recreates some of the Empress's famous jewels, which she used to cement her authority as an enlightened despot.
The Empress of Russia, who ruled during a Golden Age (1762-1796), believed great jewels were as important as a great army. One legend has it that she would put on extra emeralds before entering particularly difficult meetings with her generals.The other tale ...
Welcome to the whimsical and wonderful world of Helen Mirren's wardrobe.
Legendary actress and sartorial sophisticate Dame Helen Mirren has shown the world her wonderful (and sometimes wild) style through the decades. She knows what works for her, like her trusty red, green, floral embroidery, but continues to push boundaries. And at 74 ...
Here's your first look at the new HBO mini-series.
Helen Mirren won an Oscar for her portrayal of Elizabeth II in The Queen, and now, she'll play a fierce female leader of another sort. Mirren stars as Catherine the Great in a new miniseries on HBO, which will be released later this year.Here's ...
Here's how Prince Harry is related to the real King George III.
Before Prince Harry thanked the crowd at last night's Hamilton gala performance, he delighted the audience by singing a few notes of King George III's song, "You'll Be Back.""You say..." Prince Harry starts, before the theater erupts in applause and laughter. Watch the clip here:"You ...
Their poses were incredible.
Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda are decimating the stereotype that women need to stay out of the spotlight in their senior years.The pair of seventy-something acting legends walked the runway for L’Oréal at Paris Fashion Week on Sunday, in a show which ...