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Fascinating details concerning the death of famous royals and their courtiers.
Several members of European monarchy have made their mark in history, not through the deeds they’ve done but through the bizarre manner of their deaths. Here are gory stories concerning the death of some of Europe’s most famous royals. Anne Boleyn’s executioner ...
You don't have to dress as a 2020 candidate to have some political fun this Halloween.
Every year, there are certain costumes that you know are going to be hot: characters from big movie franchises like Marvel's superheroes, or big-time TV wins like Game of Thrones. Then there are the timely costumes: memes, celebrities, and jokes that have become popular ...
Socialite Cornelia Guest weighs in on hosting a classy party for grown-ups.
Event planner extraordinaire Cornelia Guest shares her tips with T&C for how to throw the ultimate spooky soiree, including the most delicious autumn recipes to serve.I believe it's important to keep your dinner menu short and sweet! If you are entertaining a large ...
Because getting in the spooky spirit doesn't mean you have to forfeit good taste.
Getting into the Halloween spirit doesn't have to mean giving up your sleek design cred—it's possible to get into the spooky vibe without forfeiting high-brow taste. That's right, no tacky plastic skeletons and inflatable spiders, here.If your goal is a more refined ...
For the one day a year it's totally acceptable to pretend you're royalty.
They say the key to success is to dress for the job you want—unfortunately, if the job you want is "being a member of the royal family," there's really just one day a year you can get away with it: Halloween. From elaborate ...