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Those coveted double G's are more than just a passing trend.
Amid the plethora of trendy accessories that are released every season, rarely does a product emerge as an enduring standout like Gucci's Marmont belt. There have been a handful of such cult classics like a Chanel 2.55, a pair of Ferragamo flats, ...
These soon-to-be It bags feature a whole lot of logos and warm tones.
The cycle of fashion is one that’s swift. Case in point, certain items on trend today will probably be considered “last season” the next. While handbags have the ability to transcend seasons, it’s still best to be a smart consumer and buy ...
Don't have a ticket to the hottest shows this season?
The current fashion season is just about to end. From New York to Milan and Paris, there were certainly a lot of clear trends, winning pieces, and noteworthy events. (One being Tom Ford's remake of his own red velvet suit.) It can ...
The Duchess of Cambridge is having quite the glamorous week.
The Duchess of Cambridge is having quite the glamorous week. On Sunday, Kate was seen mingling with celebrities like The Favourite's Olivia Coleman at the BAFTAs, and tonight, she's attending the 100 Women in Finance Gala, a philanthropic event at the V&A Museum ...
Drop by the universe of stores under SSI, the luxury retailer that celebrates its 30th anniversary.
Now is the perfect time to talk about shopping.As soon as the spooky day candy turns into a memory and an overdose of fairy lights invades your eyeballs, a nagging feeling begins to infest your brain, reminding you to really start doing ...
Dresses for the bold bride.
White may be iconic but a blush or pale rose wedding gown is the perfect way to bend—but not break—with tradition. Here, we've rounded up ten pink wedding gowns for every type of bride.BUY NOW Needle & Thread Embellished Tulle Gown, $1,000This ombré ...
From major comebacks to the unique and eye-catching, here's a list of the year's most stylish luxury bags that we think will stand the test of time.
There’s never a shortage of brand new bag releases in the fashion industry. To help you choose out of the many, we’ve compiled the best of this year as well as what we think may become classics in the long run.Christian Dior ...
We're officially on board with the "backpacks for adults" trend.
If you're stuck on the idea that backpacks are only meant for schoolchildren, it's time to reconsider. Purses, totes, and fanny packs are great—but there's something especially enticing about the backpack. Perhaps it's the nostalgia that comes along with wearing one; or maybe it's ...
From totes and backpacks to trendy fanny packs.
Camera-style bags are the season's hottest accessories.
Small bags are still the trend. The fashion industry’s newest favorite accessory measures less than a foot. A classic silhouette, the small camera sling bag may seem impractical at first, but upon closer inspection, it can fit quite a lot for night ...
This season, Gucci is going full-on retro with vintage-style shapes.
August is upon us.For fervent shoppers that only means one thing: The fall collections will soon arrive in stores. Out of all the shows from last February, there was a lot of buzz surrounding Alessandro Michele's eerie yet enchanting presentation for Gucci. ...
You can't go wrong with any of these classic styles.
A shoe has evolved into much more than just protective footwear. It's an expression of style, and for some, a coveted design piece.Here we round up the most iconic pairs of designer shoes of all time.The Pigalle Pump needs no introduction. Though ...