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The icon of the French culinary world died Monday at 73.
The food world is mourning the loss of Joël Robuchon, who was the world’s most Michelin-starred chef. The French culinary icon, who had been fighting cancer, died Monday in Switzerland at 73, CNN reported.Robuchon owned restaurants all over the world, in cities from Paris ...
Can the biggest British stars impress this difficult director?
Aircraft safety is a serious matter and airlines mainly want to ensure that all the passengers and flight crew remain unharmed for the duration of the trip. But that’s no excuse for airline safety videos to be a bore. We've seen our ...
Matilda insists her dad is completely different away from the cameras.
Gordon Ramsay may be under fire for swearing six times at 11 in the morning but the celebrity chef's daughter has just revealed he never drops curses at home.Teenager Matilda, who has her own CBBC cooking show Matilda and The Ramsay Bunch, ...
This menu item is a major no-no.
Considering Gordon Ramsay's penchant for expletives, the name of his new Fox TV series—The F Word—should come as no surprise. (Though the chef insists it stands for "food," because, of course.)Premiering May 31 at 9/8c, Ramsay's latest foray into television promises to ...