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After hosting three garden parties at Buckingham Palace, the Queen traveled to Scotland for one last summer celebration.
For the past few days, Queen Elizabeth has been up in Scotland for her annual "Holyrood Week"—or as it's known in the region, "Royal Week"—and on July 3, she celebrated one of the tradition's highlights. The Queen hosted her fourth and final Garden Party for the ...
Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie showed up for the event as well.
It may have been a bit dreary in London on May 29, but that didn't stop the revelry at Buckingham Palace. Yesterday, the Queen hosted one of her signature garden parties, in which guests, who have made significant contributions to their communities, ...
The Queen narrowly avoided disaster at yesterday's garden party.
Each year, Queen Elizabeth hosts three garden parties on the Buckingham Palace grounds. With the U.K.'s notoriously fickle weather, it's odds-on that one or more will have less than ideal conditions.And the show does go on, even if it's drizzling. On May 29, for a moment, ...
The British monarch hosted a group of distinguished guests for tea on the Buckingham Palace grounds.
Every year, Queen Elizabeth hosts thousands of lucky guests for a series of garden parties—three on the grounds of Buckingham Palace, and one at Holyrood House. (Although, as was the case earlier this month, sometimes other senior royals will host them in the Queen's place.) ...