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To dine fancy, get a chef's table.
Those who aren't easily impressed with gastronomy know that there's only one way to get the full measure of a fancy restaurant: the degustation menu, attempted by many, offered by few, and excelled at by fewer.Discerning local diners have set the bar ...
He says he will never cook outside his home turf again.
It was Gaggan Anand’s last time ever to cook a meal in the Philippines.“Enjoy the last dish I will ever cook in this restaurant, or in the Philippines,” said Anand as he served us a chocolate dessert splashed with rainbow colors.Anand is ...
Chef Chele Gonzalez is a master of culinary invention and reinvention.
It came as a surprise to many when chef Chele Gonzalez and his partners at Gallery Vask announced its temporary closure late last year to make way for a new concept in Philippine contemporary dining.The move came after spending two consecutive years ...