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It’s never a dull moment with your family, but that doesn’t mean you should succumb to becoming the entertainment.
Kiki Mountenpousse (obviously, not her real name) called me over the weekend to talk about the latest scandal to hit Manila.“Tsih-tsih, did you hear? The Woman of the Old Man made a fool of herself at the funeral of her grandfather.“As per ...
Celebrity deaths have turned social media into the Wailing Wall. But how exactly does one mourn publicly with dignity?
It seems like many celebrity deaths ago. Yet the fumes still linger from the social media conflagration that followed the demise in one bad week in February of Karl Lagerfeld, Lee Radziwill, and Marella Agnelli. Those who knew them, and those who ...
The beautifully built Church of St. James holds many myths, but the one of Count Vratislav of Mitrovice might be the most intriguing.
In beauty, there is sometimes despair. Perhaps you’ll agree with this statement upon learning the tales about the hauntingly beautiful Church of St. James located in Prague’s Old Town.Travel guides call the structure an impeccable testament of the Baroque architecture popular in ...
Private memorial parks have outgrown public cemeteries in Metro Manila.
While some take advantage of the special non-working days on October 31 and November 1 to leave the city for a much-needed break, a majority of Metro Manila residents will likely spend the two-day holiday flocking to cemeteries to remember their dead.In ...
Avoid these common blunders when interacting with the bereaved.
When my younger brother died of a heroin overdose at 43, it was the worst thing that had ever happened to my parents and me, and remains so to this day. But there were things that helped us endure the days right after Gunnar's ...
As we celebrate lives well-lived, we also need to think about last rites. After all, nothing is certain but death and taxes.
Dying is definitely an unplanned event, even when it is from a lingering ailment. And yet its aftermath requires coordination of details like venue, flowers, food, and managing a guest list.While event planners do weddings, product introductions, book launches, and anniversary tributes, ...