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Sorokin posed as a fake German heiress and was found guilty of grand larceny at the end of April.
Anna Sorokin, the 28-year-old who posed as fake German heiress "Anna Delvey," has been sentenced to at least four years in prison and a maximum of 12 years by a New York court today, Buzzfeed reports. Sorokin was additionally ordered to pay $199,000 in restitution ...
What Lori Laughlin, Felicity Huffman, and other wealthy parents did to game the system—and why it's a crime.
Last August, YouTuber Olivia Jade posted a video for her 1.9 million subscribers. She was moving into her college dorm that day at the University of Southern California, but Olivia reminded her viewers that YouTube was her real passion: “I don’t really care about ...
The country’s biggest banks offer advice to help clients foil phishing, skimming and other illegal schemes steal their data and money.
This week, the country’s No.1 and No. 2 banks respectively – BDO Unibank and Bank of the Philippines – issued statements warning clients to guard against fraudulent schemes to illegally acquire sensitive information and use their bank accounts for unauthorized transactions.“In the ...