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These fresh travel options will open up doors to new sights and sounds without the hassle of a layover.
Frequent flyers, prepare your passports. The last quarter of 2018 saw the exciting addition of new flight routes from Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and a few of the emerging air hubs in the country. If you want to spend less ...
This will make your next flight much easier.
Any intrepid traveler would know how many tabs you have to open just to book a flight to your dream destination. You'd have to open SkyScanner to compare flight fares—but to be sure, you'd also have the websites of Cebu Pacific, AirAsia, ...
From choosing the right drink to avoiding crying kids, here's everything you need to know.
Whether you're looking to elevate your in-flight experience with an upgrade, deciding on the best time to fly, or picking the least germy seat on the plane, life above 30,000 feet is filled with quandaries. Luckily, finding the answers doesn't need to ...
Sounds simple enough.
Getting a flight upgrade is the holy grail in travel, with flight attendants, travel bloggers and experts all weighing in on the best ways to guarantee a bump up to first class.Sadly it seems as though there is no sure-fire way to get ...
The strict hair and makeup guidelines that cabin crew members follow are pretty mind-blowing.
I’ve always been fascinated by flight attendants. Every time I board a plane, I find myself wondering things like: Do they have to wear their hair and makeup like that—or did they choose to? What’s the strangest thing they’ve ever experienced on a ...
Along with the ranking, awards such as “Best First Class” and “Most Improved Airline” were given out.
There are a number of factors to consider when choosing an airline, including ticket price, amenities, and comfort.To help you make your decision, compared these very factors and then released its much-awaited list of top ten airlines for 2018. Along with the rankings, ...
Stew is still tasty despite the challenges of air cooking.
The words "plane food" and "delicious" are rarely said in the same sentence, which might be why eating on an airplane has such a bad reputation.After Gordon Ramsey revealed he would never, ever eat plane food and a nutritionist said she'd only buy something in-flight if she "absolutely ...