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From choosing the right drink to avoiding crying kids, here's everything you need to know.
Whether you're looking to elevate your in-flight experience with an upgrade, deciding on the best time to fly, or picking the least germy seat on the plane, life above 30,000 feet is filled with quandaries. Luckily, finding the answers doesn't need to ...
The strict hair and makeup guidelines that cabin crew members follow are pretty mind-blowing.
I’ve always been fascinated by flight attendants. Every time I board a plane, I find myself wondering things like: Do they have to wear their hair and makeup like that—or did they choose to? What’s the strangest thing they’ve ever experienced on a ...
Behind the scenes of airline life.
Being a flight attendant means traveling and working during the oddest hours in the world, which makes that lifestyle ripe for some behind-the-scenes photography. Molly Choma decided to do just that, snapping shots of daily life in the skies. With a catch: She's also a ...
It's the one drink order that will undoubtedly annoy your flight attendant. Here's why.
At this point, experienced travelers (and germaphobes) know they should never ask for a cup of coffee or tea on an airplane, but this week, Travel + Leisure revealed that there's another drink order that annoys flight attendants intensely: Diet Coke.The reason ...
Maybe order wine, instead?
Ever since Gordon Ramsay said that he would never (ever, ever, ever) eat plane food, we've been hesitant to pick up a fork onboard a flight."I worked for airlines for 10 years, so I know where this food's been and where it ...
These flight attendants don't hold back in revealing the annoying things that have happened on a plane.
With so many passenger horror stories going around recently, we decided to give equal airtime to the other side.Lizelle, 9 years in serviceWorst experience: I am lucky enough to work with an airline that does not serve liquor on board. However, there ...