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Peloton lets you do cycling classes in your living room.
Many fitness fans are familiar with spinning—indoor cycling classes with loud music and flashing lights, designed to help you burn as many calories as possible. But instead of having to adhere to your gym’s timetable, what if you could join a class ...
A new study found that drinking in moderation was linked to increasing life expectancy among those over 90.
It turns out an extra beer or glass of wine might actually help you live a longer life.The 90+ Study, led by University of California neurology specialist Dr. Claudia Kawas, found that among roughly 1,600 nonagenarians (people between the ages of 90 and ...
Everybody knows you can't take it with you, but who should you put in charge of your estate?
It's hard to find good help, especially when you’re dead. Choosing an estate’s executor, the person who carries out the terms of a will, is a fraught decision, and whether you tap a friend, family member, lawyer, or bank, the outcome is ...
Taking to the water is a surefire way to improve sleep, energy, and mood.
Occasionally I hanker for a new workout. The spin studio starts to seem awfully dark and dank; at the gym, my headphones fail to block out the chatter and chaos; yoga bores me senseless. And last year new research began to reveal ...