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The who's who of shindig-throwers in 2019 is out.
When Carla McDonald, a seasoned public relations exec, traded New York for Austin, TX in order to marry her husband Jack and start a family, she thought that keeping her hand in the marketing game would be a good thing, and initially ...
Inside one man's quest to make all 1,200 of the Food Network star's dishes.
Trent Pheifer is on a mission to cook his way through beloved celebrity chef Ina Garten's repertoire, from honey bourbon vanilla cake, to sausage fennel rigatoni, to mustard-roasted fish.For four years, the 33-year-old New Yorker has been on a committed journey to ...
Raising the bar after "I do."
Serving up signature drinks and giving your guests the chance to mingle with one another (embrace this special celebration that puts all of your loved ones together in one room!), a cocktail hour is a significant event between the ceremony and reception. ...
Because you've got to have something to toast with at midnight.
Whether you're keeping things low key this year or watching the ball drop at a big bash, nothing says "Happy New Year" quite like a festive cocktail. We've rounded up our favorite sparklers, spritzes, and even a coffee-infused cocktail to keep you ...
All the bubbly you should pop before (and after) the ball drops.
There's no bad time of the year to sip champagne, just like there's no bad time of the year to celebrate, but with prime champagne drinking season upon us, some tipplers can feel overwhelmed at the plethora of options. Whether you're looking for the ...
These jars of gourmet goodness will add joy to your holiday table.
Need a gift for a fellow foodie? Or perhaps some new options for easy pop-and-serve appetizers for those last minute festive gatherings? These 13 jars of gourmet goodness will add joy to your holiday table.One of our favorite new additions to the ...
Here's your glassware guide for water and juice to all the different kinds of wine.
In a formal dining setting, there can be at least four glasses on the table. To help you tell which is which and what is what, we took the liberty of listing down each kind for the benefit of both entertainers and ...
Keep your caftan on call.
From the Cape to the West Coast, the summer season ushers in sunny weather, long days, and house guests…lots and lots of house guests. While gathering our nearest and dearest is fun and memorable, it can come with its fair share of ...
Your dog's bed could be stressing people out.
No matter how much we may think it is, no one's home is perfect. Life gets in the way, and things like taking out the trash or dusting the living room become very low priorities on our list. And while a few ...
Our list of the best caterers in Manila, in time for your next party.
Aside from the ambiance, and of course, your charm as a host, your party's success depends largely depends on the food.There’s always the choice of hiring a professional caterer to take the load off from your own kitchen, but which one?To help ...
Remember, sometimes less is more.
In the same way creating a cheese board is a craft in its own right, there's an art that goes into putting together the perfect charcuterie board. From storing and slicing the meats to finding spreads and garnishes that balance out the flavors of ...
Aspiring Martha Stewart Blake Lively was there, of course.
Over three years after Martha Stewart threw shade at Preserve founder Blake Lively for trying to be the next Martha Stewart, Blake Lively was photographed walking up to Stewart's Bedford, New York, home to attend her Easter party. Maybe ultimately, imitation is the ...