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Don't leave without trying at least one of these iconic dining establishments.
The dynamic city of Singapore is a commercial hub that's seen many fine establishments come and go. This makes it a challenge for chefs and restaurateurs to up their game and explore the new and the bold. If you ever find yourself ...
Get a taste of France at this year's Gout de France.
On March 21, hundreds of people will get a chance to experience French cuisine, tradition, and values like no other with the biggest French dinner around the world.First launched by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Goût de France was started to ...
The proper etiquette for a royal visit.
In the off-chance you receive an invitation to tea at the home of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (or perhaps the upcoming baby shower!), then you should know that there is a correct protocol to enjoying the afternoon. While T&C is still waiting ...
To dine fancy, get a chef's table.
Those who aren't easily impressed with gastronomy know that there's only one way to get the full measure of a fancy restaurant: the degustation menu, attempted by many, offered by few, and excelled at by fewer.Discerning local diners have set the bar ...
French chef Benjamin Collombat of Le Jardin de Benjamin fame will transport your tastebuds to the south of France.
Naming your business after yourself is very telling of how bold a character you are. French chef Benjamin Collombat must be so confident in his own culinary talent that he put his name on his one-Michelin star restaurant Le Jardin de Benjamin ...
After cocktails and dinner at a fine dining establishment, a few of T&C's millennial friends enjoyed The Phantom of the Opera.
Town&Country recently held its first Theatrical Dine Around at the Solaire Resort and Casino. An offshoot of T&C’s signature concept, the affair combined great company, fine dining, and a main musical attraction.In partnership with Solaire, our select guests were treated to a showing ...
The Cigar Bar & Poker Room is a sanctuary for those that love fine cigars and spirits.
On March 5, Town & Country invited a few friends to Solaire Resort & Casino for our first Theatrical Dine Around. A spin-off of our Dine Around, we took our special guests to dinner at Solaire’s fabulous signature restaurants Red Lantern, Yakumi, ...
Fabulous dishes to order to welcome the Year of the Pig.
With Chinese New Year just days away, reservations at the city’s best Chinese restaurants are just about impossible to secure. We recommend celebrating the Year of the Pig in the comfort of your own home with these authentic and delicious dishes that ...
Ruth Reichl recommends a giant among shrimp.
There are two kinds of cook. Some depend on technique, relying on the alchemy of the kitchen to transform ingredients into strange new forms. These are the classic cooks—think Julia Child—who believe that with sufficient training anyone can make a masterpiece out ...
A leading Italian mixologist makes the argument for liqueurs in fine dining.
On a recent evening at Talea, a cocktail bar in Milan, Filippo Sisti was behind the counter whipping up one of his infamous concoctions. In the high-end Italian food scene, Sisti is the Ferran Adrià of mixology, a leading advocate of the concept of “liquid ...
Because there's always a special event right around the corner.
Whether you’re looking for a casual spot for an intimate get together or a large gathering with friends or family, one of these 10 restaurants with great private dining rooms will surely suit your needs.Going with Blackbird’s running aviation theme, the restaurant’s ...
Here's your first look at the lauded Sri Lankan seafood concept that has consistently ranked on Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list.
Seafood lovers will be thrilled to know the acclaimed crustacean restaurant Ministry of Crab has chosen Manila to house its second brick-and-mortar branch outside its original location in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Since opening in 2015, the Sri Lankan dining concept has consistently ...