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The courses are from July through August.
Le Cordon Bleu is an international network of hospitality and culinary institutes that teach French Cuisine. They have more than 35 institutes in 20 countries who learn how to innovate and at the same time be creative with all the dishes they ...
Now's your chance to try their famous Banana Pudding!
Filipinos love sweets. We love to end our meals with dessert, and a lot of our popular snacks are on the sweet side, too. Its one of the reasons why New York's Magnolia Bakery decided to open an outpost in Manila their ...
A true Parisian knows that these delectable cookies are fit for any meal—including breakfast. We scoured the city for most irresistible cookie of all.
Never mind the fact that they are Italian-born, their ancestors brought to France by Catherine de Medici’s chef when she married the Duc d’Orléans in 1533. The delicate, intensely sweet, brilliantly colored macaron is as Parisian as Marion Cotillard. They are beloved ...
The TV legend's go-to dessert is surprisingly easy to make.
Comedienne Lucille Ball was at her best when she was playing with food. But off-screen the TV legend wasn't much of a cook.Her culinary skills were so lackluster that when asked what she wanted for her last meal on earth, the comedienne ...
Here, a spread of cakes and cocktails that represent some of the finer things in life—because nothing says la dolce vita like capping off an evening with a spirit and a slice.
“Dost thou think because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?” Whether referencing Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night or Somerset Maugham’s 1930s classic novel, cakes and ales have long been symbols of the good things in life. And, with either ...
Delicate artistry and glorious flavors in these enticing new entremets.
“Ooh La La!” These are the words that one utters without thought when first presented with one of Rebecca Disini’s stunning mirror cakes. Aptly so, it also happens to be the name of her new confectionary business that centers around colorful entremets—multi-layered ...